Philips Hue Go Review – Need a Light?

What is the Philips Hue Go? It is a portable, multi-colored, rechargeable LED lamp which is able to give a subtle, glowing introduction towards smart home tech. This smart lamp of the future (well, not really) can be powered by the use of its internal rechargeable battery for around three hours on a single, full charge. It is also able to let users chose its color and brightness with the use of a smartphone app.

Philips Hue Go Review - Need a Light?

Philips Hue Go Lets Users Have the Light They Want

The Philips Hue Go can connect to the same bridge as with the other Philip Hue lights. You can also make use of “recipes” to create your own lighting setup at home. For instance, there is one setting called Night in which it switches off the bulbs inside the living room and then turns another’s brightness levels down by just a tiny notch. This will produce a dimmer yet warmer glow on one light while you no longer have to go down the stairs to flick any switch. This is also useful for going into your child’s room without having to wake them up in the process (which would otherwise provide disastrous results).

At the base of the Hue Go, you will notice a bump which means that you can lay the light flat or be angled to cast a light on a wall (just like all other Hue lights). This also means that the smart light can completely operate as a standalone lighting source. It also has the ability to connect to an Ambilight-enabled TV to replicate the colors being portrayed on the screen which can be fun for some.

One of the reasons why you would love Philips’ smart light is because you don’t have to invest in the company’s Hue ecosystem. Therefore, it is a more cost efficient purchase than have to buy other smart lights that are automatically bundled with a starter kit.

Since it won’t hurt your wallet too much, this is an effective way to start embracing tech to turn your home into a smarter abode. You can embark on such a journey by happily using this standalone smart light source, and in time, you may even want to add more and more smarts to your house.

While it does seem too good to be true, the Philips Hue Go is not without some flaws. For instance, you have to connect it to be charged, and its low battery life means that you won’t have too much fun with it.


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