Resident Evil – Classic Map Featured in Umbrella Corps

Capcom is known to be putting references from their classic games to newer-generation titles, and this time around Umbrella Corps (which is an upcoming third-person, multiplayer shooter) will have a map that centers around the Antarctic base found on Resident Evil: Code Veronica. There are also a bunch of Easter Eggs that point out to the classic game. The map will also have its very own special mode.

Resident Evil - Classic Map Featured in Umbrella Corps

Umbrella Corps Gets Map From Resident Evil: Code Veronica

The recent news about the new map for the upcoming Resident Evil shooter was made over on the Capcom Unity site. Said information was rolled out along with the revelation that there are two new weapons that will be added to Umbrella Corps, which will come along with the new map.

The first of the two new weapons is a modified version of the Brainer, which is called the Talonhawk. It will be an alternative melee weapon in which players can bring into combat against zombies and other vile creatures that spawned from the virus-ridden, post-apocalyptic world.

As for the second of the two new weapons in the upcoming Resident Evil game is the Wolfsbane pistol. Those who have played Code: Veronica will immediately take note that it is the gun being used by Steve Burnside. At the time of writing, Capcom hasn’t revealed much about the functionalities of the pistol (aside from shooting zombies with it). However, the developers did mention that it will be possible to customize the pistol and other weapons because of a weapon painting option.

The weight of the new information released by Capcom for Umbrella Corps would be, of course, the new map. This new map is based around the Antarctic base in which wherein gamers saw Chris Redfield, along with his sister Claire, in an attempt to take down one of Umbrella’s secret bases. Since the new game is still going to be canon, the map will have three levels that have been fractured. This will include battling at the heliport (where you may have battled the boss fight against Alexander Ashford back in the classic title).

Along with the information about the upcoming Resident Evil title, Capcom also released a new trailer that reveals some of the many ways that you and your teammates can get in and about throughout the map. Reactions within the gaming community are mixed are there are those who have not been entirely positive at it, while the other side of said community has already completely warmed up to it.


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