Hearthstone – Blizzard Announces Upcoming Card Nerfs

Blizzard has just recently revealed the list of the Classic cards from their popular game, Hearthstone, that will soon see some changes. The known gaming developer is doing this in order to address certain balance issues. It is because there are many of the Basic and Standard spells and minions that have dominated the game since the title’s release on 2014 have become “broken.” The upcoming nerfs (which is an industry term wherein changes are made in order to weaken a certain character or unit’s skills, stats, and/or abilities to balance the game) will be active on the incoming expansion, Whispers of the Ole Gods. The update will hit the game on the 26th of April.

Hearthstone - Blizzard Announces Upcoming Card Nerfs

Classic Cards in Hearthstone Will Receive Nerfs

Hearthstone is a digital card game that is already worth $1.2-billion in the market (at the time of writing). Furthermore, it easily tops competitors with its massive player count. Analyst at market research firm SuperData Research Joost van Dreunen, has told GamesBeat that Blizzard’s card game (which can be played on the PC, iOS, and Android platforms) is able to rake in $20-million per month.

Moving on to those nerfed card in Hearthstone, many of those have become mainstays to some of the meta decks. For instance, the Druid spell Force of Nature was able to previously summon three 2/2 minions with Charge. This means that they could attack straight away. When combined with certain spells that would be able to increase a minions’ strength, then a 2-card combo can be deadly enough that can easily win a lot of games. When the update arrives, those 2/2 Treants will no longer have a charge.

There are also Druid class cards that are receiving downgrades. For one, Ancient of Lore would let players draw 2 cards or restore 5 health (in which both options are still win-win). Now, the former option is now reduced to letting players only draw 1 card.

Keeper of the Grove will also be nerfed. Before, it is a 4 mana minion with 2/4 stats that is able to Silence a minion or deal 2 damage. Now, it’s health will be reduced by 50-percent, or will now be at 2 when the update hits.

Other cards from Hearthstone will get nerfs, especially those that target spells and creatures that are based on removal and silencing. Using these cards will prevent a lot of the game’s stronger minions from being effective, as it is seen through countless games that silencing or removing them was an easier solution of disposal.


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