How To Recover Data From Android SD Card

Published: 3 November 2016Updated: 30 November 2023

If you want to recover your deleted files, you will need to read this guide.

Do you want to know how to recover data from your Android SD card? Well, then this read on because this guide will show you exactly how you can perform the perfect SD Card recovery.

We’ll go over all the software you’ll need to successfully complete your Android SD card recovery as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Most Android smartphone users tend to store a lot of content on their smartphone devices. The content we’re talking about here might include pictures, documents, audio files, and videos. You might have even more on your Android smartphone device.

And hence, some of the Android smartphone users require a bit of extra storage which can be had in the form of an Android SD card.

Since we’re all living in the real world, things do tend to go bad when they should not and hence you have Android smartphone users crying about an accident that erases all their smartphone’s data (don’t get discouraged, you can make full Android SD card recovery with the software we’ll recommend to you later in the article).

Luckily, accidentally deleted files aren’t actually wiped off the face of the earth, they are still present on your smartphone’s storage device i.e the Android SD card. To perform Android SD card recovery, you’ll need to download an SD card recovery software.

Now there are a lot of Android SD card recovery software applications available in the market but you should save yourself some time and try out Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery software.

Wondershare Data Recovery is a pretty nifty tool if you want some serious help in executing any Android SD card recovery process. Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery software allows users to recover their “lost” data from their Android SD card without much effort.

Not only that but Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery software also enables users to preview all the Android SD Card recovery details before asking for the final decision of retrieving them from oblivion.

Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery does that by first carrying out an extraction process and then scanning out the deleted files while ensuring that no quality loss takes place.

So let’s get to the actual process then. But just to save us some time (and steps) go to the link we gave you above and download the application and then install it on your machine.

Step 1: Connect The Android SD Card To Your Computer And Run Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery Software

First, you should connect your Android SD card to your desktop machine or laptop with the help of a card reader.

After that click Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery application icon that should be located on your desktop.

If you can’t find it then search for it using Windows bar to run the Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery application.

Step 2: Proceed with the Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery Wizard Mode


To move the process forward, select and answer the two question put to you by the wizard mode and click next.

Step 3: Choose Your Desired File Types Which Should Be Recovered

The setup will automatically take you to the screen where you’ll have to select the particular type of files you want the software to recover from your storage media, when you have connected your memory card to your computer.

Look for a list which will offer you options such as:

  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Audio files like mp3
  • Video
  • Documents
  • Office files
  • Email
  • Other types of files

You should go ahead and select the one you want to recover.

Step 4: Select External Removable Devices From The Options

When you have selected your desired file type then you need to tell the wizard mode the location of your mistakenly deleted files.

The wizard should display a window which asks you where did you lose your files. From the given options you should select external removable device.

Step 5: To Perform Android SD Card Recovery, Start Deep Scan or Raw File Recovery

On the next screen, you should either select Raw File Recovery or Deep Scan. Choose the one that is suitable to your situation.

If you lost your data because of formatting then you should enable the Deep Scan option. However, if some considerable amount of time has passed since you lost your files then you should enable raw file recovery.

The raw file recovery won’t give you file names or path information.

Of course, you don’t have to enable one option or the other. You can simply skip them if you want to recover files that were deleted a short time ago.

Step 6: Hit Start To Initiate Scan

By now you should have selected the options deep scan and  raw file recovery from the previous time. If you have done so then you can start the data recovery process by hitting the start button located in the bottom left corner of the wizard’s window.

Step 7: Time To Preview Recoverable Files

When the wizard mode has completed the scan, it will enable you to preview your lost data before the Wondershare software can actually start the data recovery process. So take some time and review the information provided to you on the screen.

When you are satisfied with everything or have found the specific file you want to recover then select that file from the list and continue with the next step.

Step 8: Hit Recover To Allow Wondershare SD Card Data Recovery to Perform Android SD Card Recovery


You’ll have to wait for a while before the whole scan is finished. When it has indeed reached its finish point then you should click the recover button on the resulting new pop-up window and then indicate the location where you want to save the files that have been recovered by Wondershare.


We hope that this Wondershare Data Recovery guide helped you in recovering your lost files from your Android memory card.

If for some reason you are stuck at one of the aforementioned steps, then use the comments section below to seek help.

Wondershare Data Recovery is also available on the Mac platform. To download the Mac version go to the official Wondershare Data Recovery website.



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