Gibson Trainer Review – Endorsed by the Fastest Man on the Planet

The Gibson Trainer is endorsed by the 100-meter dash world-record-holder Usain Bolt. These wireless on-ear sports headphones are clearly built for runners and fitness enthusiasts who do not want the more intrusive fit of in-ear models whenever they’re doing their exercises regimens.

Gibson Trainer Review - Endorsed by the Fastest Man on the Planet

Wear What the Fastest Man on the Planet Wears. Wear the Gibson Trainer.

The Gibson Trainer is not just about its design as it has great features for people who want to listen to their favorite music with fantastic sound quality. A neat feature will include it having built-in music controls (which means that you don’t have to fiddle with your smartphone to play, pause, or skip tracks). The headphones are wrapped up in a package that will promise a secure and comfortable fit like the type of experience that in-ears can provide during work outs.

These are premium headphones, and as such, will have a premium price tag. However, it has a highly competitive price point and it is in line with its closest competitors. After all, there is still but a small group in the market for wireless on-ear headphones that are made for sports and fitness enthusiasts. The Gibson Trainer headphones are perhaps one of the best that you can try right now, but they are still far from perfection.

Why are so many audio listening devices that are specifically made for sports, recreation, and fitness to be in-ear headphones? Because they are known to have higher chances of staying where they are, ergo, inside your ears. As such, it is quite tough to look for on-ears that will stay in place while jogging or doing other fitness or recreational activity.

With these headphones that are endorsed by Usain Bolt himself, they can, indeed, stay in place (and bring comfort too). These Trainers are in a relatively small-frame package. It is clearly modeled after the Onkyo Trainer sports headphones that was announced last year.

Beneath the matte-plastic frame is a rubbery headband. There is a flexible portion in which you can flick back to prevent the headphones from moving around, thus securing them in place as you jog around town. You can do this manually, or you can just press the small button featuring the runner’s signature lightning-bolt pose to make the headphones do it for you.

As for the sound quality of the Gibson Trainer, it’s good, but not that great. To put it bluntly, it’s what you would expect from your usual fitness-centered headphones. Serious audiophiles will still be left in wanting with this one. But for runners who don’t want in-ear headphones, these on-ear ones work like a charm, especially when securing itself in place.


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