Rayman Adventures Review – New Control System May Promote Frustration

Rayman Adventures is the third Rayman game that is made for the mobile platform in recent times. Its predecessors were Rayman Jungle Run and Rayman Fiesta Run. With this new installment, Ubisoft has made changes to its core gameplay, especially when talking about its control systems. Its controls remained unchanged during the first two games, but this time around, the new control system is designed to give the player more control, or does it?

Rayman Adventures Review - New Control System May Promote Frustration

Rayman Adventures Has a New Control System

Aside from the new control system, Rayman Adventures also has new elements to its gameplay. One such example is the addition of Incrediballs, which are companions that can be collected throughout the course of the game in which they can assist you in various stages.

The first two Rayman games for the mobile platform were designed as free-runners wherein you were handling more of an on-rails experience and had almost no control over the character. The only controls from these previous renditions were jump and attack.

With Rayman Adventures (iOS and Android), Ubisoft has given players some control back to the player. Now, you can change direction and even go back if you missed something. However, this is still not a fully manual type of movement that we can see in console versions of the Rayman franchise. Still, it’s better than nothing.

The Incrediballs that were added into the game serve as a nice addition to its gameplay. These are not compulsory and you can even finish the game without picking one. However, there are levels that will become a whole lot easier with their assistance. Furthermore, you may need to pick a certain type of Incrediball to finish a level with a perfect score in terms of completing all of the level’s objectives. Before each level starts, the game will highlight which Incrediball you need to use which is a nice feature so that you don’t have to do trial-and-errors.

But is the actual game any fun? This is a split decision. First of all, the game is a classic Rayman game which means there are some elements of frantic combat and scaling platforms. There are also some amazing character animations even though it is a mobile game. What this game is missing, however, is a physical controller. Even though there is a hint in which there will be a gamepad support listed under the Settings section, but all it says is Coming Soon and there is no information as of late as to when this “soon” will be.

Rayman Adventures has the potential of becoming a great game in the mobile platform, but it ultimately lets its confusing array of controls get the better of it. The controls are the deal-breakers as it takes the fun out of the gameplay.


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