Pura Scents – Smart Nightlight and Air Freshener in One Package

Pura Scents is an innovative technology to provide an easier way to automate the scents and fragrances around your home with the simple use of a dedicated smartphone app. The device and the app will let users experience full control over the fragrances that they want. While there is a fee into acquiring the device itself, the app is totally free for download.

Pura Scents - Smart Nightlight and Air Freshener in One Package

Pura Scents Lets Users Easily Take Control of Their Favorite Fragrances

With the use of your smartphone, Pura Scents can create a customized schedule for each individual room as to what type of command it will follow. It can turn dispensers on and off, schedule a smart nightlight, switch fragrances, and allow users to pick from millions of color options for their nightlight.

With the app, it will allow you to control as many dispensers around the house as you would like. Furthermore, you can place the Pura Scents device into as many locations as you want around your home for maximum control.

The developers behind the technology of this device aims to strive for consistent improvement for their product. Hence, they will be providing cloud software updates regularly to allow the smart nightlight/air freshener to always have the latest features. These updates will also have routine bug fixes and compatibility improvements so that it can work well with other products and services such as Nest and IFTTT. These updates will be pushed through the cloud so you don’t have to manually download them all the time. This will assure you that the device will always have the latest software on offer.

Aside from its features, this unique device also boasts premium quality design. It is built for great durability as the item is made from polycarbonate. This material is known for its excellent physical properties, heat resistance, and toughness.

Not only is it tough but it is also compact. It’s thin architecture provides only 1.67-inches of thickness. This means that it can easily fit right behind tight spaces and can be hidden from plain view if you so desire. It also uses a rotating plug which means the device can be plugged into just about any outlet.

The device also offers the option of putting in two fragrances per dispenser. This will allow full scent customization for the rooms inside your home. It also has a USB type A charging port, which is compatible with just about any USB connected chargeable device for easy charging.

With the use of Pura Scents, it aims to provide users to develop healthier sleeping habits. It also aims to provide users the energy needed to wake up healthily during mornings. The device is available for backing at their crowdfunding page over at Kickstarter.


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