Rambo: The Mobile Game Review – Stick to the Movies

Rambo: The Mobile Game tries to represent the movies wherein Sly Stallone and his assorted cast are back in a more controllable mobile platform. However, this mobile videogame ultimately falls short as what could be an action-packed masterpiece (just like the movies), with a whole lot of guns and explosions are abundant, has been made into a limp rendition. The game is a half-hearted creation and it feels very unfinished. It even feels a lot kinder to pay attention to the embarrassing narrative than on the actual gameplay.

Rambo: The Mobile Game Review - Stick to the Movies

Rambo: The Mobile Game Feels Unfinished and Very Unsatisfying

In Rambo: The Mobile Game, it spreads out across the three locations found in the three original movies. These are Hope, Washington, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. Majority of the levels sprawled out in the game will simply require players to walk towards their goal killing anything that is practically moving and make sure to survive.

Initial levels are played with a first-person point-of-view. You will see Rambo armed with only a knife, coupled with his abilities to sidestep and jump. Once you reach a forest, there will be enemies that will start to rain you with bullets. However, these are fairly easy to dodge as you only need to tap left or right on the screen to evade them.

At later levels, there will be weapons that are placed along your path to assist you in fending off enemies from a distance. Some of these stages require you to kill off a number of baddies prior to progressing.

An additional feature of Rambo: The Mobile Game (iOS and Android) is the survival mode. In this mode, you will just stand and shoot all approaching soldiers; kind of like a tower defense type of gameplay.

Even though it is simple to deal with, everything is far too simple that it works against the videogame. Players can even describe this as something very poorly made and only created in hopes to satisfy some fans of the movie title. Ultimately, it fails to satisfy anyone and may even be uninstalled almost immediately upon download.

Rambo: The Mobile Game is a painful, amateurish rendition of the old movie title. Instead of all those guns, bullets, and explosions, you get a really weak experience that is far too undemanding to deal with. This is not even barely an exciting game, nor can it be called an actual game for that matter. Do yourself a favor and skip this one out, or just re-watch all three Rambo movies instead.


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