Does Not Commute Review – A Perfect Take on 1970s Destruction

In Does Not Commute, you play the role of federal investigator, Ben Womack, who has just left the bureau. Ben’s job is in charge of Time and Space Investigation, which is also found at the bottom of the screen mid way through your first challenges found in this mobile game. However, it is by no means that Mr. Womack is the only person living within the game’s fictional take of a 1970s environment. Every person that you interact with will have a titillating, entertaining, and for the most part, downright comedic thing to say. Still, to be honest, these little snippets of satirical content are only the icing on the game’s cake. What really matters is what lies underneath.

Does Not Commute Review - A Perfect Take on 1970s Destruction

Try Not to Crash in Does Not Commute

Because there are a lot of things to explore in Does Not Commute, it becomes a really curious prospect. The game is displayed with a view from the top. The main objective here is to guide a series of motorists to their goal. This means that you have to navigate across a roll of different roads and paths in as quick and efficient manner as possible. Think about this as something akin to the old Crazy Taxi PC game.

But instead of using a computer keyboard and mouse, you will use on-screen controls. To start, these come quite easy – the roads are very well-defined and there are only a few drivers on the road. The process is entirely straightforward, well, at the start. After all, once you guide the car to their goal, you complete your task; easy, right?

It may be until the next car comes into view. As you progress within Does Not Commute (iOS and Android), things will get more and more complicated. Even though you start out with roads that are devoid of vehicles, pretty soon you will be weaving in and out of traffic like a crazed madman.

If this is not enough to give you tension, each stage that is brought upon you comes with a ticking clock. The longer you take to complete an objective, the more collisions you are more likely to make. When the clock does reach zero, well, it’s game over and you have to start all over.

Even though Does Not Commute becomes extremely difficult over time, there is a lot of things that will give it much praise. It is packed full of moments that will give you slight chuckles or even hefty guffaws with the satirical dialogues that pop up on screen. Challenges are well-placed and are terrific, which is perhaps a perfect combination of fast and frenzied gaming.


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