Quantum Break – Blurring Down the Lines Between Videogames and TV

Quantum Break is not the first attempt of creating a TV and videogame hybrid, however, not all have been this successful in pulling it off magnificently. The game is broken down into five acts, and each of the game sections will then be followed by a filmed episode that will allow you to view the game’s plot from a different perspective.

Quantum Break - Blurring Down the Lines Between Videogames and TV

Quantum Break Connects TV Episodes and Gameplay Magnificently

With Quantum Break, it bridges the gap, and even blurs the line in between TV and gaming. While there are many videogames that are based off of TV shows, or vice versa, they don’t actually blend the two categories together. That is, until this game stepped in.

The story of Quantum Break (Xbox One) takes place after an accident leaving time to be fractured and fragmented. The hero of the story goes by the name of Jack Joyce (who is portrayed by Shawn Ashmore, more known as Ice Man from the X-Men movie series from FOX). Jack attempts to sort everything out as he is equipped, or rather imbued with a number of time-based powers.

Aside from the point-of-view of the main hero, the game is broken up into five acts with each section telling the narrative from a different perspective. In one portion, you can even see everything play out while looking through the eyes of the main villain. Also, the game has a branching storyline; there are certain junctions found in the game that will let players choose. The game will then go to a different path in the story depending on what choice was chosen.

Sam Lake, the creative director from Remedy (which is the Finnish developer that created the game), has the following to say about the videogame: “If we can pull it off, it’s unique and no one has done anything like this before. That to me, made it an exciting challenge that we should take.”

Developer Remedy has a long history when it comes to working with games with deep narratives. A couple of examples of known titles are Max Payne and Alan Wake. The developer is also known not to rush things to make their videogames as excellent as possible, AND without any bugs and glitches (calling Ubisoft).

Lake stated that it took them three years to complete Quantum Break, and the intricacy of the videogame is the reason why it took so long to get it to the market. “There are so many different components, if you think of just the game alone — then the narrative and the show, and figuring out how they each fit in and how they all have their own purpose,” Lake stated. “The mentality through the whole process is the experience that we have been creating needs to be more than the sum of its parts,” he added.


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