Dark Souls III (PC) – How to Die in 60 Frames per Second

What makes Dark Souls III so engaging and frustrating at the same time is due to its immense difficulty. When a game is difficult, it’s not just about battling a boss that has an immense amount of HP, or an enemy that can dish out considerable damage to you despite having the best equipment in the game. No, this game is not like you. Here, when you die, it automatically means hours of progress wasted. Therefore, if there is a level that is higher than a hardcore difficulty setting, this game has it. What’s more, the PC version can let you experience death with a glorious 60-frames-per-second frame rate.

Dark Souls III (PC) - How to Dies in 60 Frames per Second

Dark Souls III (PC) is Unforgiving Yet Beautiful at the Same Time

What’s different in the PC version of Dark Souls III? Once you enter the game, it will run and look beautiful at the same time. That is, of course, you have the recommended hardware specs for your computer to run the game. The Xbox One’s version is far in comparison when looking at the beauty that is the 3rd installment of the “Souls” franchise for the PC.

What’s more is that it will run on a 60-frames-per-second frame rate (again, considering your gaming rig has the recommended specs). There are also jaw-dropping lighting effects practically everywhere. It is very clear that the developers have been very committed in perhaps pushing the limits of current generation computer specs, especially with regards to GPUs. The visuals for the 3rd Dark Souls game has wonders abound, and it’s not just about the boss encounters but the overall openness of each level.

Unlike the Xbox version, this PC version looks great even without compromising too much on performance. For those that are just a smidgen away from the recommended hardware specs, you may notice some loading stutters occasionally, but that’s as far as a caveat that the game has to offer.

Overall, everything seems pretty solid for the technical side of the PC version for Dark Souls III. From Software, the developer of the game, has clearly put a ton of work for the PC variant. First impressions dictate that it is a very visually appealing game, despite it being what could be deemed the most unforgivingly difficult game you have to play. This is not a game that you can just stand by and ogle at the backgrounds just because they look gorgeous. Do that, and you’ve bought yourself a ticket to meet death.


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