Punch Club Review – Make Your Own Fighter

Punch Club is a pixel art-enthusiasts wet dream. It has those retro visuals along with chip-tune visuals that are beautifully illustrated, especially those that yearn for a nostalgic feel when it comes to playing videogames. It pays homage to the Hollywood impression back in the 1980s. It is jam-packed with references that came from the decade. It is yet another flawless take on retro gaming made for the iOS and Android operating systems.

Punch Club Review - Make Your Own Fighter

Punch Club Pays Homage to 1980s Hollywood

During the first half hour playing Punch Club, you will find yourself, or rather your character to be stuck inside a grocery store after having paid for your daily supplies. This is a game where you create your own fighter. But this does not mean that you only spend hours and hours inside the gym punching stuff. You would also have to take note on stocking up on your supplies as you need to assure your character does not bonk. In other words, it’s just like real life – you need to keep your energy replenished if you want to keep on going.

Your character needs to keep up with his training to be as good as your now departed father. Punch Club (iOS and Android) will rely on you to keep your fighter happy, fed, and most importantly, in tip-top condition at all times.

In this game, the days are limited in terms of time. Therefore, the key to getting the most out of your daily routine is time management. Whether it is doing pushups to increase strength, or delivering pizza to earn more cash (for more supplies, of course), you have to manage your time wisely to get the most out of each day.

When you decide to take on your daily outdoor tasks on foot, there is a chance you will get mugged. This serves as one of the random encounters that the mobile game throws at your direction. The fights are mostly stat-based encounters. Your only input here is to pick fighting specialties before each round starts. Then it’s just a matter of seeing whose life gauges depletes first.

With Punch Club, it delivers a neat little package of simulating your own mobile retro fighter. Everything about this game screams 1980s and it does it so well. However, it serves a 2D adventure that may be fit for the PC or Mac rather than a mobile device. The menu system would be more suited for a larger platform rather than a portable one.


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