Venture Kid Review – Mega Man, is That You?

From start to finish, Venture Kid doesn’t feel very original. If you’ve never played a retro 2D platformer before, then you might find this mobile game to be something new. However, many, if not for most gamers out there, they have experience such a genre at least once in their life. With this mobile game for the iOS, it feels very much like the Mega Man games of old. Even the sprite screams like the famous blue bomber.

Venture Kid Review - Mega Man, is That You?

Venture Kid is Nothing New

There is very little that is unique within Venture Kid. Right from the moment you start the game, everything is kept relatively simple. There’s an on-screen button for jump, another one to shoot whenever your character has a weapon on hand, and a virtual d-pad to move around with.

The goal in Venture Kid (iOS) is also relatively simple – survive. To do so, you will pick up gems that are littered across each stage while also killing everything that blocks your bath. The controls do take a large portion of the screen, but are made to be well-handled as they offer accuracy. This is to ensure that deaths are not caused by the developers part but rather on the fumbling of the player.

Nonetheless, if you’ve played the original Mega Man titles then you can experience a similar level of difficulty with this iOS game. In other words, chances are you will die here, a lot. You will start out with only four hearts, even though you can pick up extra hearts as you move along the game. Make no mistake, this game is for those who have high tolerance for multiple in-game deaths as it is one unforgiving beast.

But to continue on with the game, even if you do love 2D platformers, it is hard to love this particular title. If this game rolled out in the App Store about 5 years ago, then it would have made a hit. However, within the span of those 5 years, mobile gaming has already advanced in more ways than one. There’s nothing left for this game to offer that would tell you “wow, that’s new.”

Even though Venture Kid is in no way offensive or inauthentic, it still does not offer anything new. This is nothing more than a missed opportunity that should have been released years ago. Even though it is trying to catch the eye of gamers who yearn for nostalgia, it is hard to please them without giving at least a few things that would be proper for the modern age. Sadly, this mobile game does not offer one bit of anything new.


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