Prison Architect Review – There’s No Place Like Jail

Prison Architect is unlike any other tycoon-type game as you get to build a loving home for, you guessed it, prisoners. You will lay in a foundation, bring in the usual amenities for each prisoner such as a toilet and a bed, and maybe even place a bookshelf or two for each cell. Instead of creating the perfect lifestyle that you can find in similar games such as the Sims, in this game, you will literally become Death (in perhaps the most comfortable way possible).

Prison Architect Review - There's No Place Like Jail

Prison Architect Lets You Build Your Own Virtual Jail

Gameplay for Prison Architect is fairly simple as it involves the usual drag, drop, and click way of doing things. It is a sandbox game wherein you will be given a barren area at first, and in that place you need to plot out tracts of land for areas that will soon give rise to your prison. You will drag out a grid for the cells, create showers, a yard, kitchens, canteens, a common area, laundry place, and many other things to make your prisoners as comfortable(?) as possible while staying out their sentence in your prison.

Aside from placing many types of rooms beside each other, this is still a facility. Therefore, it needs to have power and water for it to run. There are some tools to connect to power supplies and water sources that you also need to incorporate to make your prison run well.

While playing on campaign mode for Prison Architect (PC), you will be given specific tasks that you need to complete in order to progress. While there are objectives, the game still offers plenty of flexibility in doing things. This is, after all, a sandbox game that is completely free-form, but money here is still a great factor.

But don’t think about this game as simply running a jail full of inmates as there are some challenges to keep you going. For instance, keeping prisoners in the black will be the driving force behind the game’s most difficult compromises. For example, if you build an infirmary, do you have enough doctors to staff it? Does the kitchen having running water connected to it? And so on.

Still, even though there are lots of challenges to go around in Prison Architect, the gameplay is simple and easy to pick up from the start. There is little depth to the game, so if you want something with a deeper storyline then better stick to RPGs. But if you’re into sandbox games and you want to take a break from building cities or creating virtual families, then why not build a prison instead?


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