RAC 05 GPS Dash Cam Review – Inspiring Driver Confidence

Even though there are a lot of companies offering dashboard cameras to motorists all over, having the RAC 05 GPS Dash Cam will improve driver confidence. The RAC is a brand that has been attached to a well-known automotive brand. Other than that, this dash cam has a few tricks up its sleeves. For instance, the video recording resolution is higher than some other dash cams found in today’s market. There are also other additional features to keep you safe while on the road.

RAC 05 GPS Dash Cam Review - Inspiring Driver Confidence

The RAC 05 GPS Dash Cam Aims to Keep Drivers Safe at All Times

One of the more interesting features of the RAC 05 GPS Dash Cam is that it is able to shoot videos at Super HD. For those who prefer numbers, then this dashboard camera is able to shoot footage at 1,296p. The resolution of the videos are actually 2,304 z 1,296 which is at 16:9 aspect ratio. A more useful option is to have the camera capture at 2,550 x 1,080 which will be at 21:9 aspect ratio. This will allow the device to capture videos at a wider angle of vision. This is useful for grabbing incidents to one side.

There is also an 8GB microSD card thrown into the package which provides adequate storage for about 53-minutes of video with the Super HD resolution. As with other dash cams, the RAC 05 will record over the oldest footage once the storage is full. Unless, the footage has been tagged as “incidents.” You can tag videos manually, or you can let the dash cam handle it automatically when it detects the vehicle to have a rapid change in speed.

Other than recording possible and ongoing incidents, this dash cam also has a number of other safety features. These will include a Forward Collision Warning System, as well as Lane Diversion Warning Systems. Other safety features include Forward Motion Detection Warning and a Low Light Warning System, in which the device will let you know if you do not have your vehicle’s headlights on in the dark.

When it comes to overall performance, the RAC 05 GPS Dash Cam is able to handle well. There are many dash cam manufacturers that pour in the “all-in-one” moniker wherein the extra features will overlap with the main functionality. Fortunately for this dash cam, it can still capture quality footage even though it has its fair share of safety features. This allows the device to set it apart from the competition.


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