Kingdom Review – Minimalist With a Ton of Secrets

When you start Kingdom, you will probably think that “this game is going to be a cinch.” As the player, your job is to assign peasants with tasks as they protect the land from waves of monsters. The game is like working in a slow-moving assembly line. At first it does get slow, and the monsters are terribly easy to defeat, but then this “conveyor belt” of a game will start speeding up bit by bit and the things on it start becoming more difficult to handle.

Kingdom Review - Minimalist With a Ton of Secrets

Don’t Judge Kingdom Easily

Pretty soon, your Kingdom will soon be raided by various monster types that are far greater in number than your troops. There will be imps, phantasms, and other beings that will fly through your barricades and into your poor archers. In other words, this game will instantly shift from a mild walk in the park to a dash to a safehouse as you’re being chased by a pack of zombies. The game can rob you of your peace of mind in a snap.

Kingdom (PC) has a minimalistic approach to let you get frustrated but riddled with excitement at the same time, and in a very quick manner. For every new game, you will spawn a king or a queen that will sport random garments and he or she sits atop a horse. The royal will canter along a forested 2D plane until the game will give you a few loose coins. These coins can be spent on many options, such as recruiting new villages to fight the hordes of monsters, create buildings, purchase tools, or reinforce the walls. You can even use them on mysterious monoliths hiding deep within the forest that can help you in your endeavors.

The game is riddled with subtlety and mystery, apart from the obvious waves upon waves of monsters that doesn’t seem to end. You need to pay close attention to the otherwise very simple aspects of the game. Doing so is vital to achieve the highest build efficiency in just about every aspect within the game.

However, the motivation to pay close attention can wane down quickly as your thoughts will get drowned by the waves of monsters coming at you to no end. Once your camp gets decimated, then it’s time to start over.

In Kingdom, each moment is pleasurable despite its minimalistic nature. If you’re opting for a more “Zen Garden” style of gameplay, then this is not it. There are loads of fun in wracking your thoughts (and the mouse button). However, the fun will end when your patience ends.


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