Planet Quest Review – Feel the Otherworldly Beat

Planet Quest an enjoyable, weirdly themed rhythm video game. However, it doesn’t mean that it does not seem like an unnatural combination of sorts. It pays homage to Sony’s own Parappa The Rapper in terms of a weird, yet impossibly charming videogame. While it is very enjoyable, the game only holds a handful of songs and beats to keep you going. Therefore, the life of this app in your mobile device may not be too long.

Planet Quest Review - Feel the Otherworldly Beat

Planet Quest Produces a Unique Mix of Weird and Fun

Much like Parappa the Rapper, Planet Quest has a uniquely odd theme for its visuals and graphics. Also much like the PlayStation game, it only offers a handful of songs to enjoy. Still, it does offer a great deal of variety between the tracks as they differ in speed and complexity. Perhaps its closest cousin would not be that of Parappa, but the Rhythm Heaven series of Nintendo.

The premise behind Planet Quest (iOS) will let you play with a little green alien inside a UFO as he floats around various planets. When you tap, the green… thing will fire beams down to the planet. Doing so will suck up anything it touches. Your goal? To kidnap living beings while leaving the planet alone (well, for the most part).

The ship that you’re in won’t move but the planet will rotate as the music plays. There are various denizens of the planets who will generate their own audio in response to the ongoing beat. Just tap on your screen as they travel underneath you and you will earn yourself some points. When you get a bunch of these in a row, you will then earn the right to acquire a score multiplier, which boosts your score even further. However, if you do miss an animal or hit a plant by mistake, you will lose some of your hearts. Once your hearts run out, its game over.

The quality of the music, albeit small in number, is really great. There are catchy tunes that may not even let you just tap to the beat but your foot may follow suit as well (on the ground and not on the screen of your device).

However, even though it does offer a small number of tracks to tap along with, the crazy part about Planet Quest is it is absolutely free. There’s just one purchase to remove in-game ads but that is of meager value. Still, even if you don’t pay to remove the ads, you will still get a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


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