Alto’s Adventure Review – Offering a Zen-Like Satisfaction

If you want a mobile game to satisfy the soul, then you’d definitely want Alto’s Adventure to be a part of your App list. The game delivers a stunningly flat graphics coupled with subtle parallax effects. There is a beautiful soundtrack that keeps on playing and gameplay that’s very easy to learn. However, do not think this game is a pushover as it still offers quite a bit of difficulty as it is challenging to master. Its mix of features all envelop into a mobile game with long-term replayability.

Alto’s Adventure Review - Offering a Zen-Like Satisfaction

Alto’s Adventure is Worth Your Time and Attention

Available only for the iOS (at the moment this review was made), Alto’s Adventure is downloadable from the App Store with a one-time purchase fee. There are no in-app purchases in sight in the game, however, there is still an in-game currency mechanic used to assist players in unlocking upgrades and such. While other developers would take advantage of impatient gamers to just cough-up their credit card details and immediately purchase upgrades without having to work for them, well in this game you would really have to work for those advances.

The core gameplay of Alto’s Adventure (iOS) is not something that’s awfully different as it is another take on the endless runner genre. Theoretically, a player can go on forever because of a continually generated, shifting background with lots of obstacles and interactive features thrown as you go along.

You will take on the role of Alto (which is already painfully obvious in the title), and you will control him by tapping the screen to jump over hazards, grab some air, and pull off tricks. There are powerups strewn throughout the landscape, along with coins in which is the in-game currency. Using the coins, you can expend them to unlock permanent gameplay boosts. This is one of the game’s top strengths since it does not go out of its way to throw in extra mechanics and features that would otherwise make you pull out your wallet. Hence, it creates a zen-like satisfaction sits you don’t have to spend any more money on it than what you originally shelled out to get the game.

The music, sound effects, art, and gameplay of Alto’s Adventure are all pleasurable. Even if you just stand there (well, you can’t, but still…), you will feel like you’re going on a vacation just listening to the game’s serene sounds.


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