Philips 55PUS8601 Review – One of the More Serious Ones

The Philips 55PUS8601 is one of the more serious TVs to be brought into the market by the company after some time. It has a native 4K Ultra HD resolution, a 55-inch panel, and has a good set of features. It also has a “Razor Slim” design, powered by Android smart TV engine, a four-sided version of Philips’ Ambilight technology, and the company’s most potent picture-processing engine to-date. But what’s most surprising out of all these features is the inclusion of a pair of magnetic, detachable speakers.

Philips 55PUS8601 Review - One of the More Serious Ones

The Philips 55PUS8601 Surprises Many With Its Good Looks, Feature Set, and Performance

Philips really did a number of upholding their promise of a bezel-free design for the Philips 55PUS8601. Its slinky black bezel is indeed genuinely slim. When it comes to being “Razor Slim,” the company is not joking around on this aspect either. The TV’s rear does not extend outwards very far either. While it isn’t exactly razor-thin, you can see why the marketing team behind this particular TV set wanted to draw more attention to the unit’s “thickness.”

The svelteness of the 55PUS8601 is further emphasized by its minimalist feet that are attached to the bottom corners of the TV, as well as a four-sided implementation of the company’s own Ambilight technology. For those who do not know such a tech, it is a system which uses LED lights found on the TVs rear to throw out colored light to the device’s immediate surroundings. It matches the color content of the images that you’re watching to give a more movie-like approach or as if “you’re almost there” (well, almost). But it does achieve this with surprising color and positional accuracy.

Given the slimness of the TV, it comes to no surprise that its images use an edge LED lighting system rather than a directly-lit one. Still, the TV, or rather Philips claims that it is capable of producing high dynamic range (HDR) content.

Local contrast works in conjunction with the TVs Micro Dimming Pro system. Therefore, it can pick out finer details in dark areas as the TV will smartly manipulate the contrast found in those areas. Most of the time it does work accurately, but there are times that it destroys details on those dark areas.

Even though it may have its own fair share of quirks and shortcomings, the Philips 55PUS8601 is still a TV for those who want a serious viewing experience. 4K images will generally look pretty good, and just about every feature it has will be to the delight of users and viewers everywhere.


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