Gigabyte P55W Review – Offering Superb Gaming Performance With an Attractive Price

The Gigabyte P55W is a gaming laptop made from a Taiwanese manufacturer with a strong focus for desktop components, particularly those of graphics cards and motherboards. However, said firm also focuses on mobile computing as well. This particular machine holds a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS display, GeForce GTX 970M, and an Intel Core i7 5700HQ processor. With these specs, it happily fits in between the 17-inch and 14-inch variants. Its specs are accompanied with a price that is hardly pocket change, but it is not at such a hefty price point especially with its specs and performance levels.

Gigabyte P55W Review - Offering Superb Gaming Performance With an Attractive Price

The Gigabyte P55W Performs Admirably for its Price

At first glance, the Gigabyte P55W doesn’t strike as a gaming laptop. It doesn’t have the flashy additions that are usually found by the likes of its competitors, such as those manufactured by Alienware. Therefore, its design may appease some and others may not like it. Nonetheless, it promotes a minimalistic, modern approach to mobile gaming.

It has subtle curves and angles that can be found in different areas around its chassis. Speaking of its chassis, that and its lid are made out of a smooth black plastic. There are colored stripes visible on each side. The rear of the unit offers a slight gradation, whereas the lip extending over the side of the lid is also angled. All of which complement each other to form a sleek style.

Weighing at just 2.7-kilograms, you can happily tuck it away in your backpack to carry along with you as you go about town. This is better than lugging around other gaming laptops that are too large and bulky that portability becomes a drastic issue.

With its own line of hardware specs, the Gigabyte P55W Gaming Laptop is no pushover, especially when it comes to videogames. For example, playing Tomb Raider will yield you crisp visuals at 1080p resolution and keep the frame rate at a very satisfying 58fps. Playing BioShock Infinite will yield you an average frame rate of 69fps, which is also another great result.

Battery life is pretty decent, as watching 1080p videos will net you about 3 hours and 45 minutes. While this is not the best result for a laptop, it is more than adequate especially once you get a hold of other gaming laptops that already become useless after an hour of being disconnected from a power outlet.

With its offerings, the Gigabyte P55W is definitely not a bad choice for a gaming laptop. It has the specs and performance that are more than suitable for its price. It is not even particularly bulky or heavy so you can even bring it around with you to a coffee shop or to a friend’s house.


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