Razer Nabu Review – The Sequel to the Nabu X

Simply speaking, the Razer Nabu is the Nabu X but with a built-in display. It is a wearable tech that will track basic fitness stats and give you push notifications that are beamed from your smartphone to your wrist. It even has a unique feature that will allow you to share certain information with other Nabu users just by shaking hands with them. However, its features are pretty basic for a dedicated activity tracker or a smartwatch. Furthermore, it is placed at a rather high price point considering its lack of features.

Razer Nabu Review - The Sequel to the Nabu X

The Razer Nabu Feels a Bit Overpriced

But for those who don’t mind the price, the Razer Nabu is a fine looking fitness tracker/smartwatch from a company known to make great gaming peripherals. It is made out of black rubber with green highlights. While it does look the price, the material used to create the device attracts dust and debris within its tiny ridges like a magnet.

Instead of using the traditional clasp, this particular wearable uses a magnetic clasp. Its band comes in small/medium and medium/large sizes. The smaller band has dimensions of 2.33 x 2.96 x 0.63-inches, while the larger variant measures in at 2.51 x 3.15 x 0.63-inches.

The face is a 128 x 16-pixel OLED screen which sits on the middle of the band. It gives the entire unit a rigid, yet bulky feel which is similar to what you can experience with the Microsoft Band 2. Like Microsoft’s offering, the Nabu scrolls information on the horizontal screen like a pixelated news ticker. The text being displayed is bright enough to be read in or outdoors.

It is powered by a lithium polymer battery which promises up to six days of use. Just like its predecessor, it uses a proprietary cable that will clip onto its back for charging purposes. The device has an IP54 rating, which means that the band can withstand sweat, rain, dust, and splashes from the pool or sink. However, users should be warned beforehand that it is not suitable for submersion.

While the Nabu X would require a whole slew of apps just for it to work, this time Razer put every basic information you need under one app. It will be able to display your active minutes, miles traveled, time spent asleep, calories burned, and number of steps taken. For what it can do, it does them pretty well.

And to that, owners might feel that the Razer Nabu is still lacking in plenty of areas. It lacks some features that other fitness trackers already have and these wearable tech are found at a lower price point. But if you don’t mind spending a bit more, then you are going to get a great fitness tracker/smartwatch (that is, if you just want the basic stuff).


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