PetPace Collar Review – Places an Emphasis on Overall Pet Health, and Your Wallet

The PetPace Collar is another activity tracker made to be worn by your furry friends. While most pet activity trackers in the market are limited to, well, tracking physical activities, PetPace aims to deliver more than just that. To start, rather than just being a wireless tag worn around your pet’s neck, the entire device is the collar itself. Therefore, there’s plenty of room for extra sensors and is compatible for both dog and cat wearers. It can track temperature, pulse, respiration, and even the calories that they have burnt from running up and down the house. The thing is, it costs quite a bit and there’s also a monthly or annual fee involved.

PetPace Collar Review - Places an Emphasis on Overall Pet Health, and Your Wallet

Track Your Pet’s Overall Health With the PetPace Collar

Starting off with its design, the PetPace Collar is a one-size-fits-all collar. It does come in three sizes for dogs (one for either small, medium, or large dogs), and one size for cats. There are a set of sensors that sit at the bottom of the collar, which sits over your pet’s ventral midline. At the top of the collar is a clip with an arrow that points towards your pet’s nose in order to get the right orientation. The entire unit only weighs approximately 1.5-ounces.

Along each side of the sensor, there are strips which include quarter-inch soft rubber spikes that are 22 in number. These dig into your pet’s fur so that the collar doesn’t wiggle out of place when your pet K9 or feline is of the hyperactive type. While it does seem a little off to look at first glance, it won’t be after your pet continues to wear them. The collar is even tight enough that only 2 fingers can slip underneath it, but comfortable enough as to not let your pet choke.

The monthly or annual subscription comes in the form of a companion app. The PetPace app claims that it has a tracking algorithm which performs “real-time advanced analytics on the data to accurately monitor your pet’s health.” These include reports on health and health alerts which are sent directly to your phone. While it does perform good what it intends to do, the extra fees are a deal breaker for some. Therefore, many would rather stick to a pet activity tracker that might offer less features but are certainly easy on the bank account.

Nonetheless, the PetPace Collar is clear that it will stay in the market for a good long while. This is for serious pet lovers who take their pet’s health seriously. So much so that they don’t mind the extra charges that are accompanied with the device.


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