GE 40W Replacement Vintage-Style Filament LED Review – A Classic Take on a Modern Light

If there is one thing to describe the GE 40W Replacement Vintage-Style Filament LED, that word would be “classic.” This is a filament LED, which means that it arranges their light-emitting diodes in such a way that mimics the look of the old tungsten filament that is the incandescent light bulb. With GE’s offering, you get an old-school, candle-like LED with a 2,316 Kelvin glow. There is also a subtle sepia tint to the glass on the unit.

GE 40W Replacement Vintage-Style Filament LED Review - A Classic Take on a Modern Light

The GE 40W Replacement Vintage-Style Filament LED Nails the Old-School Look

With the GE 40W Replacement Vintage-Style Filament LED, it mimics the look of the old incandescent bulb as it arranges the light-emitting diodes into four vertical columns. These diodes are suspended in the center of the device using a filament-esque design. It is quite a simple trick, but one that really works well, especially when toting that classic look.

When you turn on the bulb, and you will see that warm, yellowy glow which has a slight orange tint. This orangey tint is thanks to the faint sepia tint on the LED’s glass. While GE claims that the glow has a color temperature of 2,400 K, actual measurements report it to be at 2,316 K. This low color temperature fits the bulb well. Therefore, the golden glow its giving out fits the entire aesthetic of the device.

However, the GE 40W Vintage-Style Filament LED may not be for everyone, especially those who are looking for a modern design for their lighting fixtures. This is solely built for people who want an old-time appeal.

Nonetheless, there’s more to it that just how the bulb looks, even when we’re still talking about its design. For one, its brightness has a rating of 440-lumens. The average 40-watt light bulb puts out a rating of 490-lumens. Hence, it’s fractionally less bright than the bulbs it is aiming to replace. Still, its light fits comfortably to any room with a vintage appeal.

Those lumens are then being powered by just 5-watts. This is less than any other industry-grade 40-watt light bulb you can find in the market. This puts the bulb efficiency to 90-lumens per watt.

The company even claims that owning the GE 40W Replacement Vintage-Style Filament LED will practically pay for itself in the span of about two-and-a-half years. After that, GE claims that the LED can still continue on shining its vintage appeal for at least another decade.


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