Razer Wildcat (Xbox One) Review – Feels Good But Does Not Justify Its Hefty Price Tag

The Razer Wildcat is a pricier option than the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, with the latter impressing many with its customization options. The Wildcat does feel good to play around games with and it is very responsive. Users are also able to customize it much like the Elite. However, this is strictly a wired gamepad, which means those who are looking for playing with their Xbox One’s across the room will have another thing coming. Furthermore, it falls short of the Elite in certain areas that it feels overpriced.

Razer Wildcat (Xbox One) Review - Feels Good But Does Not Justify Its Hefty Price Tag

The Razer Wildcat is an Overpriced Premium Controller for the Xbox One

From a design standpoint, the Razer Wildcat looks and feels like a heavily built Xbox One controller. It has a layout and build quality are identical with the Xbox One controller that comes with the standard packaging. It has a matte black plastic body that does feel good to the touch, and the direction pad is a four-segment cluster that seems closer to the PlayStation’s DualShock 4 controller (which comes as a surprise knowing that Sony and Microsoft are forever branded as rivals in the home gaming console market).

Apart from the aforementioned qualities, the Razer Wildcat (Xbox One) is practically the same with the normal Xbox One controller. There is a pair of sliding trigger lock switches that sit under the top set of the alternate triggers. These limit the pull distance of the regular triggers (much like how the trigger locks on the Elite Controller).

In addition to the standard controller, the Wildcat has a built-in wired headset adapter which sticks out of the bottom of the unit. This is one of the nice touches that the Elite Controller does not have.

Once again, the Wildcat is not a wireless gaming peripheral for the Xbox One. In other words, to play with your favorite games, you need to make do with the attached six-foot cable. Also, even though there is a bunch of customization options on Razer’s Xbox One controller, it does not have the deep sensitivity adjustments that the Elite controller has. However, this might be seen as an intentional choice to ensure that the device will be compliant for tournament use.

While it is still quite the responsive peripheral, the Razer Wildcat has a deep price tag that many would not want to have in a custom game controller. Furthermore, the fact that it is a wired controller makes it even less of a choice, especially when you’re looking at the Xbox One Elite Controller. However, if you’re looking for a tournament-compliant Xbox One controller, this is it.


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