Percko Review : Teach Yourself the Right Posture

If you have aching back pains as you continuously slouch in front of the computer monitor each and every day due to your job, then the Percko will help teach you the proper posture so you don’t hurt your back. This device is an undershirt designed to help people have the right posture. On average, we sit 8 to 9 hours a day because of what transpires during our daily lives. Our sedentary lifestyles are the products of desk jobs and other professions involving sitting in front of the computer for days on end. Sitting all the time makes it harder to avoid slouching in front of the computer monitor. This will lead to long-term spinal damage, not to mention really bad posture.

Percko Review : Teach Yourself the Right Posture

Keep Long-Term Back Pains Away Caused by Slouching When You Wear the Percko

Percko helps correct posture which is great for anyone who sits in front of the computer day in and day out. It is also great for other people who have to curve their backs for long periods of time (i.e. cyclists). The best part is that no one will ever know you’re wearing it.

The Percko Undershirt helps adjust posture for anyone having trouble keeping a straight spinal alignment when sitting or standing up. This device is lined up with tensors that comfortable shape the back to promote the idea of good posture into the user’s mind.

When users are sitting up straight, they won’t feel a thing even when they’re wearing this smart undershirt. However, when they begin to hunch or slouch, or even move in a manner that is bad for their back, there will be a slight tingle to help the user move to the right direction, thus promoting better posture. Better sitting or standing posture promotes better spinal care, which also prevents long-term damage on that area. Studies conducted with the device has proven significant results for people who have worn this special undershirt. Results states that 100-percent of people who have worn the device have improved their posture.

Wearing the Percko helps by straightening the spine, this brings back the thoracic spine. This is located above the gravity line going through the pelvis. Other than helping straightening the back for better posture, overall balance is improved. Furthermore, muscle fatigue was seen to be reduced as well. Everything works by automatically aligning the head, pelvis, and thorax. It gives the spine a natural curve which will increase the person’s overall stability.


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