Pebblebee Stone Review : A Button that Can Access a Lot of Stuff

The Pebbelebee Stone is an innovative device made for your smartphone and home. Be able to text friends, take pictures, control music, take videos, and more with this single smart wireless shortcut button. Considered as “The Einstein of Buttons,” it allows users to stick it on any surface, or take it on the go. It will then allow users to text friends, snap selfies, control music, and a whole lot more. Its features include a replaceable battery, motion sensors, an Apple iBeacon, a Multi-functional button, a temperature sensor, Bluetooth tracking, and an Open Source API. It is also water resistant and has Crowd GPS installed.

Pebblebee Stone Review : A Button that Can Access a Lot of Stuff

Use the Pebblebee Stone to Your Desire

The Pebblebee Stone has a wide variety of built-in shortcuts, along with thousands of IFTTT button recipes. Users can even craft their own recipes if they want. With this button, you can instantly and remotely control your music, or send a text message to your boss if you’re running late for work (without having to type a single letter), or even stick these stones in various places of your house to create your own “Home of the Future!”

For example, stick one Stone at the fridge to text Mom to buy groceries, another Stone to automatically adjust the brightness of the lights, or another Stone to play music from the nearby media player. The possibilities of its uses are just limited to one’s imagination. You can even set one button to text every member of the family that dinner is ready, eliminating nightly screaming for them to get down from their rooms.

Another great use of the Pebblebee Stone button is it is already connected with various businesses, schools, and organizations who work closely with the Seattle Police Department. This is in an effort to reduce the crimes against LGBTQ. One press on the button will immediately make a phone call to the Police Department. Holding the button will tell the authorities of your location through a text message.  Aside from providing safety and security, how about something more fun? With the press of a button, snap a picture from your smartphone then holding the button automatically shares it online. Never miss even a second of the fun ever again.

The Pebblebee Stone is already accepting backers in their Kickstarter campaign page. Allow near unlimited control of various tasks for your everyday life with this single button. Its sleek organic design is so small that it can even fit inside your shirt pocket.


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