Go “Back in Time” With Your iPad

Back in Time is an app for the iPad that aims to educate users on what transpired with just about everything that happened in history. It can tell what happened from the time the universe was born with the Big Bang, and other great moments in history.  It promotes an educational and vast scope to the an insane wide array of events that spans out throughout the course of time, and it does this beautifully. Individual sections for the app are concise, but it does this well when it comes to presenting the various events that transpired throughout history. However, it should be noted that this is not a research tool. Students and researchers will find very little in this app as it will mostly display only the significant highlights on a certain time period.

Go Back in Time With Your iPad

Travel Back in Time on Your iPad With this App

While Back in Time is a great way to reminisce or discover past events, it shows these happenings in a very concise manner. The descriptions are painted with broad strokes which tend to leave a lot of details out. However, it can inspire people to do more research about a particular topic of interest.

The Back in Time iPad app is a great way to appreciate not just what transpired in human history, but throughout the entire universe as well. It will show what happened during early life on Earth, what happened in our solar system during a certain date, what transpired in our galaxy before, and vast information on what we know about the universe. Users are also able to know how each event are intertwined with each other.

The app is able to show many images pertaining to a certain event in time. This makes it a better approach to appeal to people who do not like reading walls of text and want a more visually appealing approach when studying about the many events in history.

It also has a Clock mode that lets the user have a virtual representation of an analog clock. The clock face is round with working gears inside. The hour and minute hands are movable, but this is more than just a feature to check what time it is. When the user releases the hands, it will show the nearest event covered in the app. For example, if the hands are moved to 6 PM, it will show what happened in Earth’s history 3.8 billion years ago during this time. Back in Time is a great iPad app that presents a shortened view of the history of not just from the Earth, but throughout the Universe as well.


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