Pebble Time: Worthy Alternative To Apple Watch and Android Wear

Pebble Time: Worthy Alternative To Apple Watch and Android Wear

A simple yet charming smartwatch is what the Pebble Time all about. If you are looking for a functional less fancy, water resistant, long-lasting battery this one particular smartwatch is for you.

Adds to the attraction is that you can wear this when you go swimming or in the shower so you really don’t have the need to remove it from your wrist because this smartwatch is one excellent water resistant. The easy-to-use simple functions added points to the equation.

The wearable market is already filled with vast of offering. Manufacturers keen to offer something new for consumers to wait and anticipate for, premium and advance smartwatches like Apple’s offers not just smartwatch functions but it is also geared with some fancy features with an expensive price tag while the Pebble Time’s advantage is that although it is a smartwatch but it is a lot more like a regular watch which doesn’t require everyday charging and the cost is $199.

Another product model addition to Pebble is the Pebble Steel an all-metal Pebble Time Steel which is due this summer that claimed to offer a longer battery life, for a cost of $100 more.




Before you buy the latest Pebble this is what you should know, compared with the previous Pebbles the latest Pebble offers new features such as a colorful display, a microphone, a charge port that can be used for future smart strap accessories and a it is loaded with more storage.


When this smartwatch receive a message it vibrates, it will also show you your upcoming events and can also run apps like fitness ones, utilities, games, novelty watch faces. It is a lot more like a regular watch in a sense that its function can be compared to a pager in your wrist which basic functions includes giving you the time of course, it alarms, and other basic apps which doesn’t need to be plugged into your smartphone yet most of the time this smartwatch needs to be connected with your smartphone just like any other smartwatch via Bluetooth to enable most functions.


Although it has flaws like sometimes especially with dim light the display is not so readable, the fitness apps is not as smooth compared to the other premium smartwatches and although there are numerous of apps and watch faces but the quality were not sorted and the lack of touchscreen limits interactivity with some apps yet all smatwatches are not also perfect. What make’s the Pebble Time smartwatch the best alternative from the other wearable competitor in the market is it offers the right functions with the right price tag.




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