A microSD card Inside Your Handset Serves As A Security System

Published: 5 June 2015

A microSD card Inside Your Handset Serves As A Security System

Fresh from Google X-lab another significant contribution which enables a unique form of security for smartphone is the latest endeavor from the search giant company Google the particular project refers as Project Vault. What makes it unique is that it is more than just a password or security apps this project is more like a microSD card and just like the storage card users have to insert it to work with phone’s internals thus and so it will provide the necessary functions.

What’s more about this project is that phone makers doesn’t necessarily need to produce or remodel its current product lines to be able to use this security feature as it can be easily and readily inserted to the phone via microSD card slot.

The announcement about this project took place on Friday in San Francisco during Google’s I/O developer conference. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, or ATAP led by Regina Dugan said that, “Project Vault is your digital mobile safe,” and added that, “Big security, small package.”

 The first tech company that develops this kind of technology for enterprise companies is Google, with the goal in mind that if it meet the high bar of giant companies, it will as well meet the standard of the consumers.

 We all know that the risks were high and security online is not guaranteed and for a fact the the consumers which stores sensitive informations either financial or personal are increasing through smatphone apps and other online related services. It is also an unknown story that there are numerous numbers of high profile companies which experience cyber attacks by hackers.

 If they can conduct offensive attacks with those big companies how much more on average consumers? Meanwhile how can you forget what Edward Snowden revealed that communications and online activity are actively monitored and stored by way of government surveillance?

 In line with these on-towards incidents it is now Google’s priority to secure consumers data especially that there billions of users who are using the companies free online services such as Gmail email service, Chrome Web browser and Google Maps.The vault card that looks like a microSD card is actually a secure computer which safeguard’s your personal information.


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