Find Out What Makes The Miata 2016 Stereo Remarkable

Find Out What Makes The Miata 2016 Stereo Remarkable

As one quotation goes never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music as it gives immeasurable joy, taking control over the steering wheel is such a stress reliever it somewhat gives you the sense of freedom while the backgroud music from your car stereo allows you to temporarily escape into the another world

Imagine driving a convertible while the top is down the wind and sun rays shines directly and touches your skin while the car stereo produces the best sound quality ever. It is more than a stress reliever it’s one of life’s great joys.

In line with this Mazda in collaboration with Bose introduce a newly develop audio system and what is surprising about it is that the speakers were hidden beneath the headrests, and it’s coming to rock you through the Miata 2016.

With the new system great enhancement with the sound is sure to be experience regardless of whether the top is up or the top is down. This is a serious case of development that took the team up three long years of working on the system before it finally arrive to the auto world.

The stereo’s equalizer atone different acoustic environment with top down and when it is closed. This means that there are two different equalizer settings to what setting will it tune is dependable on the status of the car’s roof. Pertaining to these two special equalizer Kevin Doak, Bose spokesperson says that,“It’s a completely different listening environment [with the roof off] compared to when the top is up and the cabin is closed,” he added that, “We completed two separate equalizer tunings… and programmed it to recognize the different conditions.”

Additionally, the microphones which is cabin-mounted also a part of Bose’s AudioPilot 2 noise compensation technology is one smart technology as it can recognize the noise frequency of the car’s interior as a result it will adjusts music to primarily overcome noise brought by the outside environment like other car’s engines and other affecting factors.


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