Particle Mace Review – In Space, You Will Feel Claustrophobic

If Particle Mace were to prove anything, it would seem that you can get claustrophobia in space. Despite the feeling of emptiness as you stare at the endless void that is the cold, blackness of space, you can also feel crowded. How? You can be penned in, even the feeling that you’re being hunted amongst the stars. Well, this is all how this high-score chaser from developer Andy Wallace is aiming to make you feel.

Particle Mace Review - In Space, You Will Feel Claustrophobic

Particle Mace Aims to Let You Feel Hunted While in the Cold Darkness of Space

Once the word “Go” appears on screen, Particle Mace will place you in a really small spaceship within, yes, space. You will find yourself completely surrounded by comets that are continuously tumbling to your position in hopes of trying to take you out. What’s worse is that all you could do is dodge them as you don’t have a weapon to fire in the face of your fear. It has a bit of a learning curve as the first few tries might be numbered with a few deaths.

Particle Mace (iOS) is viewed from the top down. It is a take on a classic game of survival while in space. The controls are pretty much simple as you will take control of your ship via a virtual thumbstick found at the bottom of your device’s screen. You will then have to guide your ship across a caged area, in which you have to defend yourself by using the trails of debris attacked to the back of your craft. The game encourages to throw these around like a mace (hence the game’s title), as these are you would-be weaponry in hopes to survive against the comet onslaught.

There are comets that get immediately destroyed upon contact with your “mace,” while others just reduce in size. Points are accumulated upon destruction and you will only have a short window of time to build up the score multiplier. Any additional ships that you take out will bring multiples of 10 points when chained together.

What makes this game so interesting, despite its obvious simplicity, is that it is a contrast between the reality of its gameplay and the game’s actual setting. While the game’s tutorial tells you of a moment of solitude as you’re the last surviving ship in the entire universe, all you have to your name is the fuel in your tank. However, this is by no means a game that will make you relax as you may very well be at the edge of your seat whilst playing this.

Particle Mace offers plenty of action and offers enjoyment during play. However, it offers little replay value and, as such, is best played with short bursts rather than for extended hours.


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