Monument Valley Review – Simplicity is Hard to Master

Just about everything about Monument Valley is extremely satisfying. It’s not just its amazing visuals that will completely draw you in, but it promotes a perfect balance between simplicity in controls and a difficult learning curve. While you would immediately become entranced by this game, there’s little to expect in terms of replayability.

Monument Valley Review - Simplicity is Hard to Master

Monument Valley Presents Much to be Desired

If you have yet to download Monument Valley, then you should. It has pretty much won just about every accolade and award since it has been launched. If you don’t know about the game yet, then its a mobile videogame that’s about creating pathways.

Level design within Monument Valley (iOS) are reminiscent to the paintings of the graphic artist known as M.C. Escher. Within your device’s screen, its 2D nature allows gamers to make impossible connection to the 3D world a bit more possible. In this game, physics is but a plaything and it is your job to do away with what you’ve learned from school and think outside the box a bit. In doing so, you are able to make the stages bend to your own rules.

That being said, the levels themselves look complex with each passing stage only to increase in difficulty. Interactions between objects are kept to a bare minimum, and you can guide princess Ida, the character your controlling, anywhere within reach just by simply tapping it. You can shift indicated blocks from left-to-right (or the other way around), or up and down with just your ginger. You can also rotate or even twist platforms with by spinning spindles.

With each interaction done, it is designed to open up a new section of the maze. There are smaller objectives with each level, such as pressing a button or opening new doorways. These also act as checkpoints to make your way to the stage’s exit.

Everything in this game is kept pretty much straightforward. However, it is with this simplicity that makes this game difficult, with said difficulty only to rise with each new level. It is almost easy to get the idea in your head as to what you’re supposed to do, but how to actually do them is a different manner of speaking.

If you need a game that will let you exercise your brain cells but are too tired by the likes of Candy Crush, then you can give Monument Valley a try. Its simplicity and visuals will draw you right in.


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