Parrot Disco – A Breakaway From Quadcopters

The Parrot Disco is the company’s, or even the world’s first consumer-grade fixed-wing drone. It might even be the coolest-looking drone to-date, that is if you disregard its name. It is the company’s own take in breaking away from the usual quadcopter fare.

Parrot Disco - A Breakaway From Quadcopters

The Parrot Disco is the World’s First Consumer-Grade Fixed-Wing Drone

The Parrot Disco is made from a French firm who is known for their Bebop series of drones. Their Bebop drones uses for fans to make it elevate off of the ground. With the Disco, however, it is a flier that has a design that is more likely used by the military rather than the consumer market, although it is on a smaller and less lethal scale.

It comes equipped with a camera that is good enough for shooting 1080p (or Full HD) resolution footage. However, the footage is nowhere near that of professional grade that you would normally get from a high-end DJI drone. But since this is made for the consumer market, it does present a decent performance.

The main advantage of the Disco Flier is its front-facing camera which you are able to sync to a VR headset when recording videos. This allows for a truly immersive experience. Still, this technology is no longer new but it is still an exciting one nonetheless.

The unit weighs in at 700-grams, which is just the right amount of heft to be flown off from the hand. However, it does make the flier seem flimsy and weak but this may be placed as an advantage to allow for better flight, provided there are no strong winds around the area.

Because this is a fixed-wing drone, it does not only really cool, but it can also fly faster than most quadcopters in the sector. The French firm stats that it can reach speeds of up to 80-kilometers-per-hour, which is only about 50-miles-per-hour, without losing stability.

Additionally, the drone benefits from a very impressive battery life and flight time. It is able to fly constantly for almost 45-minutes, which puts just about every other consumer drone to sit back and face the corner to repent.

There are no announcements as to exactly when will the release date for the Parrot Disco will be. The company only states that the flier will be released on 2016, which can be any time this year. But when it does reach the market, many are already excited to see it in actual flight.


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