Oliso SmartHub & Top Review – Adding Induction to Sous-Vide Cooking

The Oliso SmartHub & Top is consisted of a flexible induction-powered base which will heat water in the SmartTop. The device is an effective sous-vide system that has a nice, special touch when it comes to cooking beef. This notion is evidenced by the tender steaks that will repeatedly come out of it, provided of course that the steaks were cooked right. It packs a ton of versatility as its hub doubles as an induction cooktop. Users are able to use the SmartTop to cook various foods such as whole chickens and soups.

Oliso SmartHub & Top Review - Adding Induction to Sous-Vide Cooking

While Fairly New, the Oliso SmartHub & Top Brings in Some Disadvantages of Other Countertop Appliances

Even though the Oliso SmartHub & Top offers a lot of possibility and promise, it still brings in some of the flaws found in other countertop systems. For instance, its water tank is a cumbersome piece to the equation. It is heavy when it needs to be removed when the induction burner has to be used or when you have to dump water.

Also, the temperature will tend to turn about two degrees higher than what you’ve set it to. Even though it is placed at a price class that similar with other water bath systems, it is still more expensive than immersion circulators that practically do the same job.

However, despite these flaws, it can still deliver great food. Also, it is without a doubt that it is designed for sous-vide cooking. For those who are fairly new to the term, it means “under vacuum” in French, when means that it cooks the same way that you vacuum-seal food inside plastic bags. Users will immerse food in a temperate-controlled bath that will cook the dish.

Its SmartTop will slide onto the SmartHub induction base and it does this pretty well. The entire architecture of the appliance makes this one of the most flexible sous-vide systems that you can purchase in today’s market.

Still, you need a bit of grunt force to life the SmartTop. Said item measures in at 12 by 11 by 9-inches and is covered in a stainless steel material with black accents. There is also a series of lights found on the front of the top which will turn red whenever water is heating and green when it has reached the set temperature.

Design and performance-wise, the Oliso SmartHub & Top stands above other water-bath sous-vide appliances. This is primarily due to its flexible induction base. However, it has the inability to hold a constant temperature which makes the other less expensive sous-vide immersion circulators that can offer more accurate results a more appealing option.


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