Kenu Airframe+ Car Kit Review – The Most Compact Mount and Charger Combo on the Market

The Kenu Airframe+ Car Kit is two devices in one – a dual port USB charger and a smartphone vent. It is two accessories built into one package but that is not the main surprise here. Perhaps its biggest asset is how everything was fit in a very compact design.

Kenu Airframe+ Car Kit Review - The Most Compact Mount and Charger Combo on the Market

The Kenu Airframe+ Car Kit is Barely There

The Kenu Airframe+ Car Kit is able to work with most vent types. It says most because it doesn’t work with all of them. There are some vent types that provide a solid, upright mount, whereas there are those that will tend to make the device droop. It should also be noted that proper care should still be denoted when placing your phone on the kit during the winter as the vehicle’s systems can blow heated air onto your smartphone.

For the second half of the Airframe+ Car Kit, it is a DualTrip 3.8A, 24W charger. Just like its predecessor, the 12-volt power adapter is still quite compact as it only measures a measly 3-inches in length and it protrudes approximately 1.5-inches. At one side, it has two 2.4A powered USB ports. These are used to supply more than enough power to charge two smartphones with fairly large battery cells. It can even charge your iPad. Aside from that, well, there’s practically nothing else aside from a small LED status light.

This charger will fit snuggly into the Airframe+’s grip when the pair is not in use. It will create a highly compact package that is not much larger than your usual pack of gum. Therefore, this device is incredibly useful for people who have more than one car. So if you’re the type to change cars often, this is a handy item to have around, especially when you need to charge your smartphones and other mobile devices during travels.

One downside, however, is that the package does not include with a USB charging cord. Hence, you will have to make do with the charging cord that is included in the package of when you got your smartphone, or purchase an extra, dedicated cord for this portable device.

Both components found in the Airframe+ Car Kit can be purchased individually. The vent mount is a great answer for drivers who use their phones to assist with navigation, whereas the charger is mighty helpful for, well, obviously charging stuff. The kit is a great and highly compact package that can even fit inside your backpack without hindering a lot in terms of storage space.


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