Nuclear Throne Review – Time to Make a Mess of Things

When you start playing Nuclear Throne, it resembles something like a foodfight that broke out inside a school cafeteria. However, do not let the immense shower of pixels disappoint you right at the onset. This is a precision-engineered, post-apocalyptic shooter riddled with grade and flexibility, Every single moving element calls for an immense sense of terrible fascination. Nuclear Throne Review - Time to Make a Mess of Things

It’s Hard Not to Like Nuclear Throne

In Nuclear Throne, your ultimate goal is to overcome 15 generated levels that are broken into seven themed areas. There is also a handful of secret levels, to say the least when it comes to surprises. In between chapters, players can pick up mutations of their character. These mutations are actually powerups in which can boost your character’s maximum health, or gain faster movement just to name a couple. Aside from the basic powerups, there are also those that grant you special abilities such as tunneling into walls for shelter. There is even a special ability wherein it will dramatically increase the force of which the enemy bodies are thrown to produce a fatal blow.

Nuclear Throne (PC) encourages aggression right off the bat. As such, the Rads (which are the Exp points in this game) must be gathered before they blink out to nothingness. To get the needed experience points, you might want to spend on an upgrade that will assist you in gathering these Rads a lot quicker. However, rushing forward may not also be the wisest tactic in the book.

This game’s greatest asset is its fast-paced action. It induces players to think about a new strategy and tactic in a blink of an eye. Failure to comply to the change and you might find yourself getting beat up by enemies faster than you can tunnel yourself into a wall.

The game may feel complex but it is nothing less than intuitive. It marries a responsive top-down shooting action to a predictable, yet rocky progression curve. There is a seemingly incredible audio which plays a large role in making the game more accessible. There are bombardments of yelps, splats, and the occasional explosions that will assist you in judging cues. These all allow even a half-skilled player to read the outcome of the battle even by ear alone.

Nuclear Throne is a crowning achievement of a game despite its simplistic but chaotic graphics. It is one of the finest action-roguelike shooters that has ever been made.


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