ONAGOfly Review – The Drone That Follows Your Smile

The ONAGOfly will follow you around wherever you go, or rather it will follow the connected smartphone around with the aid of GPS. It features a 15-megapixel camera that is able to capture 1080p videos at 30fps. In modern times, if you’ve seen one drone you’ve seen them all; but perhaps you haven’t tried using this one yet as it will follow you around through smile recognition technology.

ONAGOfly Review - The Drone That Follows Your Smile

The ONAGOfly Will Take Pictures Every Time You Show Those Pearly Whites

Aside from its smile recognition feature, the ONAGOfly also has infrared technology that is always active during its flight. It uses this to avoid obstacles as it hovers around you. As for its battery life, the company claims that it will get an average flight time of 15-minutes, which is about 30-percent longer than most nano drones that are already out in today’s market.

It should also be noted when it comes to its camera that the image stabilization feature is done digitally. This means that the camera will try and stabilize the image by sacrificing some elements in the footage (usually by cropping the video or image). Videos are recorded on a memory card that is in the drone itself. However, users are still able to see a live video feed with their connected mobile device which allows for FPV flying.

There are multiple ways to set the ONAGOfly Smart Drone. You can either set it to automatically follow you around, or you can use the dedicated iOS or Android app to control it with the use of Wi-Fi. This smart drone is also reported to have get to a top speed of about 34 miles per hour.

This nano drone only weighs 140-grams, which means it is highly portable and can be placed inside a backpack with very little worry. It also has an instant take-off and landing feature which can be done with just a button activation. The app’s user-interface is simple enough to understand and even beginners to using nano-drones will find maneuvering the device to be a simple task.

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Speaking of controlling the drone with the app, it also includes a tilt control mode for those who are fan of the control systems found in some mobile racing games. In tilt control mode, you will combine steering sensitivity and precision control with the aid of natural movements. This is to allow users to create a classic and even an intuitive racing experience with the smart drone.

Currently, the ONAGOfly is subject to a crowdfunding campaign over at the item’s page at Indegogo. Those interested in getting this smart nano drone at a lower retail price can pledge the amount listed on the product’s page to acquire the discount.


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