Dragon Quest Heroes Review – Prepare to Beef Up Your Finger Muscles

Dynasty Warriors-type games have been appearing less on the PC platform as of late, and we are now greeted with Dragon Quest Heroes. While it doesn’t feel terribly bad, it does involve hitting one button for hours and hours on end. The result might even pump up your finger muscles (if such a thing existed).

Dragon Quest Heroes Review - Prepare to Beef Up Your Finger Muscles

Dragon Quest Heroes is Something That You Would Expect From a Dynasty Warriors Game

Even though you might press one button for dozens of hours, you might even find Dragon Quest Heroes to be fun. It is polished and responsive, and it a dynamic re-skin of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Therefore, there are tons and tons of enemy armies that needs to be sent into oblivion.

This is an action RPG to its core, and you (and a team of up to three others) will batter your way across hundreds of monster enemies, and this is how the game plays for each and every level. Controls are fairly simple and among them are the mainstay attack buttons. Attacking a lot will fill up the tension meter, and when it is filled, you will be able to unleash all hell against the enemy forces.

Players are also given the ability to summon support units. Certain objectives call for defending a certain area, in which these support units can come mighty handy at those precious moments. Other support units can heal the group or can launch a one-off attach before hiding in the background once more.

While playing Dragon Quest Heroes (PC) for the first few hours, you may find yourself closing the application. This is not because your finger might get tired from hitting the same button again and again, but it may be due to the game lacking depth. Objectives do change from level to level, but the only changes are that you would either have to kill a number of enemies, or kill the level boss, or defend an area, or something else between those lines.

Before you know it, the game becomes extremely repetitive before long and you might have to build up that excitement before you open the game in your computer once more. And when you do get to play it once again, you may find yourself getting bored probably after a few hours of gameplay, and the process will repeat itself.

Dragon Quest Heroes may only be those who are fans of the game formula brought to us by Dynasty Warriors, or to those who are avid fans of the Dragon Quest franchise. For any other gamer out there, you might want to skip this one out.


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