Not a Hero Review – Vote Bunnylord

In Not a Hero, the leader of the electoral Labor party is a person who’s name is a cross between what you would normally squeeze with glee because of their cuteness, and a dictator. Enter Bunnylord – a humanoid from the future who wants nothing but money and power. Oh, and he happens to have a head of a rabbit as well. But that doesn’t mean this game is all about politics. It is an 8-bit shooter that promises a whole lot retro-themed explosions.

Not a Hero Review - Vote Bunnylord

Not a Hero Makes You Want to Vote for Bunnylord

Within the realms of Not a Hero, Bunnylord begins his campaigns. However, like a would-be rogue bunny/human from the future with diplomatic skills can do, his campaigns are far from what you would deem as normal. These include wiping out drug dealers, mobstes, and other miscreants. Well, with your help, of course.

The people that are found within Bunnylord’s arsenal of characters will be controlled by you. This is what you would expect from a sidescrolling shooter. Devolver, developers of Not a Hero (PS4, Mac, PC), has assured that you will leave a mountain of 8-bit corpses while going through the stages.

As you would go through the various levels, the number of characters in your roster will grow. Each of them has their own unique sets of playstyle and abilities. For example, there’s a guy named Stanley who’s slow on his feet but he has a high rate of fire. Another character, by the name of Cletus, has a shotgun that can blast enemies into oblivion and can use his gun to burst open doors. Also, there’s Clive, who’s a dual-wielder that has pistols on each hand which he can use to fire in both directions at the same time.

Aside from the different sets of abilities for each character (or campaigner as the game calls them), they handle pretty much the same. They can all shoot, slide, and run for cover. Even though there are shotguns and pistols, each weapon doesn’t feel to be overpowered. But do know this – many enemies will explode to a pile of pixelated blood and innards.

Scattered along levels are weapon power-ups that do mix up the action a little. Some of these power-ups come in the forms of lasers, grenades, and other types of weaponry. But just about everything (except from the guns and explosions) are kept at a light tone in this game due to the plot and dialogue.

While Not a Hero is loads of fun, there is little to say about its replay value. You can enjoy this game for a few hours, or even for a few nights, until the time comes that you will find its gameplay a little too repetitive.


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