XCOM 2 Review – Following up on a Fantastic Reboot

There are many game titles that don’t really do justice when it comes to sequels, remastered versions, or reboots, but XCOM 2 did not follow any such trend. It brings all the stuff that you might expect and will actually deliver. It has new enemies, new features, new unit types, and of course, new weapons. There are also impressive upgrades in terms of graphics and visuals, along with a new campaign.

¬XCOM 2 Review - Following up on a Fantastic Reboot

XCOM 2 is a Great Definition of a Fantastic Reboot

For this sequel, XCOM 2 expertly twists, turns, and refines the original title’s gameplay. It reinvents it for the sake of something new, and actually makes most of it in the right. The changes are guaranteed to give an edge-of-your-seat type of gaming experience. Therefore, players who are entirely new to the game will have what’s coming for them.

With this reboot, it makes the game genre that has fallen dry and every bit of predictable in the eyes of many gamers, it returned the excitement to many gamers that they can expect from an all-action shooter. But this is not such a genre, as it is a turn-based, tactical game that can make gamers wet their pants in excitement.­

It has already been twenty years since the aliens dominated the planet. They have already ruled humanity under the appearance of an almighty global agency called Advent. But normal business encounters are only at the forefront of their operations. What’s underneath are what you would expect from a criminal overlord – kidnapping, oppression, and even killing.

This is where you (as the player) comes in. In XCom 2 (PC and Mac), you are part of a team of resistance fighters that wage a guerilla war against the extra-terrestrial overlords. You will play as the main protagonist from the first game, the legendary Commander. However, even legendary people also need rescuing at times as you will need assistance to get out from a sinister alien laboratory.

While the main gameplay-style hasn’t changed as each turn will see you move your four-man squad across a map with the use of simple point-and-click. You will move them using your mouse into position, fire on the enemy, then set them to “overwatch.” Overwatch is a state wherein your teammates will stay into position and fire at anything that moves that isn’t an ally when they stray into their field of view.

With XCOM 2, it is a brand of tactical strategy that puts you on edge rather than sit idly by and twiddle your thumbs as you wait for your enemy to move. It is built upon tension, defensive playstyles, and will make you think on your feet most of the time. All of these elements make one great sequel.


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