Nest – Going to Deliberately Break One of Their Own Products

If you’ve heard about Nest, then chances are you’ve heard, or possibly owned one of their thermostats. The now Google-owned company sold a hub which allowed customers to electronically control the lights found inside their homes. The hub was made by Revolv, in which this particular firm acquired not long after they have been acquired by the search engine giant. However, they weren’t particularly keen about the hub but rather the talented engineer’s that worked on it so that they can be reassigned to other projects. Therefore, Revolv stopped selling their hub at the time that they were acquired back in October of 2014. In a recent announcement, the Revolv app and hub will no longer work starting May 15, 2016.

Nest - Going to Deliberately Break One of Their Own Products

Nest Literally Destroys the Revolv Hub and App

Nest is not just going to stop providing software updates and security fixes for the Revolv app and hub but they are going to make the device practically useless. If you’ve made a recent purchase to control the lights within your house, then you’re going to have to get a replacement device soon else you’ll no longer be able to do what you intended to do with the hub in the first place. Also, and depending on how the hub is set up, you may not even have the chance to turn on your lights at all.

But the question is, why are they going to destroy the Revolv hub? In truth, it’s not that hard to take a good guess as to why they’re literally going to destroy one of their own products. Simply put, they no longer have to waste any more money and effort on a doomed product. But why destroy it; couldn’t they just stop support for it? That could happen, but the thing is that hackers can still find security flaws found within the Revolv software, hack the system, and make it work without the knowledge of the company thereby making it akin to stealing.

A Nest spokesperson told the Verge with regards to the topic: “Revolv was a great first step toward the connected home, but we believe that Works with Nest is a better solution and are allocating resources toward that program.”

Even though this might be a sensible business direction for Nest, the opposite can be said to Revolv customers. Furthermore, the strategic move is contrary to Revolv’s own promises. Before they were acquired, Revolv had explicitly stated that they will provide a lifetime of service. But now, said promise will just be another forgotten dream.


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