Apple – Just Turned 40

Apple, the known tech giant responsible for the creation of your iMac and iPhones, has just recently turned 40. What started as a humble startup is now seen as a very different company when comparing to how it all began. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched the company back in 1976, and until now has been garnered one of the most successful businesses within the tech industry.

Apple - Just Turned 40

A Look at the Past and Future of Apple After 40 Years

At the time of writing, Apple is now viewed as one of the world’s most valuable public corporations. The firm now holds approximately 100,000 employees, as well as a new multi-billion dollar headquarters stationed at Cupertino, California (which is set to open next year). Even though it is seen as a highly successful firm, there are critics who suggest that the business’ best years are already behind it, especially with the passing of Steve Jobs. As of late, this particular company within the technology sector has struggled to keep up with competition. New products don’t look like they’re really new at all, and the items that they’re releasing don’t really match up to the phenomenal success that it had in previous years.

Not surprisingly, longtime employees beg to disagree to what critics have to say about the company. Vice president Guy “Bud” Tribble stated, “we still think we’re going to change the world.” Because the company has just reached 40 years in the industry, a half-dozen staffers, including Tribble, reminisce with reporters of what has now become of the business. The vice president also added, “We had no idea back then that Apple would grow to the size that it is.”

It would now also seem that the company is entering its mid-life crisis. As they enter their middle age, products, such as the Apple iPhone, are finding it very difficult to maintain a leadership status within the tech sector. There are even some experts who say that they are having difficulty in coming up with new advances to distinguish the brand from its rivals.

So what’s there for Apple for the years to come? We really can’t say as to what they’re cooking up under their research and development department, but many hope that it will shake up the tech industry like when the first iPhone was announced to the world. The company’s latest iPhone, the iPhone SE, is just a smaller and a bit less powerful version of their iPhone 6S that is aimed for the middle-class market. The thing, is there’s also not much to be impressed by it other than the fact that it is, well, an iPhone. Many share the same views about this and would hope their loyalties won’t be shaken up soon.


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