NEO – A Powerful Bike Light That Needs No Batteries

NEO is born from a synthesis of advanced technology and design. It represents everything there is about the future of bike lights. It is not a device that was just created overnight, as it was made based on user feedback to create a lighting system that is both functional and beautiful. It is easy to mount and it is even a convenience for those who want are constantly on the road with their bicycles. Powered by Eddy currents, the energy generated without the need for friction or batteries make this light incredibly efficient. You will never think about purchasing batteries for your bike lights ever again.

NEO - A Powerful Bike Light That Needs No Batteries

NEO is Your Most Cost-Efficient Lighting System

Reelight is the team behind NEO and its benefits that ushers in a new era for bike lighting everywhere. The device represents a new technology amongst the bike lights found in today’s market. It is a result of bridging new technologies with a forward thinking design. It is simple yet meets the demands of modern bike transportation. The goal for the creation of this device is to let it be self-powering in the somplest way possible.

The NEO Bike Light is shaped in such a way that it does not interfere with the standard bicycle brake and lock systems. It provides optimal clearance and orientation to the rim. Attaching it is far from difficult; in fact, it is even downright simple. It will attach to the frame on one end and cantilevers from the other. This will then be powered by the rotating rim.

With this design and functionality, it translates a new era of technology that meets the requirements of easy mounting made into an iconic product with familiar design characteristics but with a combination of generator, LED, and mounting piece, all in one single unit.

This product is a result of the valiant efforts of light engineering professionals. The source of the light that comes out of the device is powered by a patent pending generator technology. There is no friction between this device and the wheel on the bike. To produce the energy required for the device to shine its light, this technology takes advantage by using Eddy Currents generated by the rotating aluminum rim.

NEO can be mounted on your bike in the simplest way possible that you can get it fully set up in under 30 seconds. It requires no tools other than the allen key for locking (which is already included in the package). There are no buttons or switch needed, just the power of your feet to power the generator to produce light.


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