HAIZE – Your Guiding Partner During Bike Rides

HAIZE makes your bike rides simpler, safer, and hassle free. It gives total freedom to explore for the avid cyclist. It is a minimalist navigation device designed for the urban cyclist. It is made with high quality materials for optimum durability, complete with style and simplicity.

HAIZE - Your Guiding Partner During Bike Rides

HAIZE Work Like Your Bike’s Magic Compass

Instead of always pointing north like your average compass, HAIZE will point to the direction of the destination that you set in the dedicated app. This will leave you free to choose your own route throughout the city. No more hassles of wondering where to go to find your way back home. Also, it makes your ride safer as it lets you keep your phone inside your pocket the whole time.

The HAIZE device can be easily attached to just about any bike. It is small but it is built to last. Hence you can always bring it anywhere you want to go. There is also a companion app that can be used for both Android and iOS smartphones. It is a reinvented compass that provides freedom and safety.

To use this bike navigation device, there are no over-complicated instructions just to make it work. Simply attach it to the handlebar of your bike, then set the destination using the app, put your phone back into your pocket, then let the device guide you with the simple LED-based display. The display will point you in the right direction where you need to go and it will tell you how far away you are from your destination.

There are two different kinds of navigation for this device. One is the compass mode, and the other is the navigation mode. In the former mode, it will direct you to your final destination (not the movie) and will allow you to explore along the way. In the latter mode, on the other hand, it will set a specific route that will give you turn-by-turn directions.

The LED display gives you all the information you need at a glance. There are no over-complicated procedures to setup and use the device. All you need is to look at the device and let your feet do the work on your bicycle. This device will let you focus on the road as you explore the city.

HAIZE is also very durable as its body is made out of machined anodized aluminum. This material makes it the sturdy and stylish choice for cyclists who want to enjoy their bike rides without the hassles of taking out a map or their phones time and time again just to check for navigational instructions.


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