Mister Smith & His Adventures Review – For the Laughs

At its core, the Mister Smith & His Adventures is more of an interactive story rather than an actual game. Its narrative is detailed only with prose. With each adventure, you will be given an array of options. The game will see how you would react in a particular situation. After which, you are then tasked with answering a number of quiz questions. Each answer is designed to test a particular area of your personality, so in a sense, there’s no right or wrong answer here. Even though the game lacks in depth, it does provide plenty of humor and enjoyment. As such, it is better to play this one with short bursts of play.

Mister Smith & His Adventures Review - For the Laughs

Mister Smith & His Adventures Presents Plenty to Laugh About But Lacks Replay Value

There are three stories within Mister Smith & His Adventures. There’s the opening tutorial wherein it highlights of the basics of playing the game, and it highlights them with a more entertaining manner than most. Then there’s the story of Mister Smith’s birth which would immediately follow his earliest moments on Earth. After which, you will then have to play through a murder story that will await Mister Smith later on through his life.

All of these follow the same path and style of gameplay. Steven McDade, developer of Mister Smith & His Adventures (iOS), had set the scene of this game to be a whimsical experience unlike other games of its type. There is a witty style that proves to be the game’s core foundation.

Therefore, players will play the role of a decision maker. After just about detailing the first setting, the game will then ask you to make a few choices. These will then push the plot along a particular direction. For instance, would you jump on the skateboard to impress your other half, wherein you would risk injury or humiliation, or would you rather juggle some balls while dancing in a rather comical manner. Other questions are not of the multiple question type but rather would let you type in the answer. For example, what would be your first words when you leave your mother’s womb?

In essence, none of the answers that you type in or select will drastically change the outcome of the adventure. Still, it is a comical and fun way as you’re the one who will address just about every waking moment of Mister Smith’s life.

Mister Smith & His Adventures has little replay value but it is quite enjoyable to see how the game responds to your answers. There’s no visually appealing graphics here, just a whole bunch of text and graphics that closely resemble ClipArt. So if you’re looking for a more visual experience, it’s best to look somewhere else.


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