MonoRover R2 Review – Speedy, Attractive, But Does Not Get Perfect Scores

The MonoRover R2 can be placed in the fast lane. It is a speedy hoverboard that is a slightly twitchy two-wheeled self-balancing scooter. This a pricier and less forgiving device (when it comes to performace) than the Swagway X1. However, this could be a plus for those who want speed as their main purpose for purchasing such a device. Ultimately, it has a weird AC adapter that makes the Swagway a safer option.

MonoRover R2 Review - Speedy, Attractive, But Does Not Get Perfect Scores

The MonoRover R2 is Fast But Lacks Safety Measures

The MonoRover R2 may look like a hoverboard but it is really a scooter. It is probably the company’s most affordable and most famous model to-date. It is 23-inches wide and weighs about 22-pounds. It is available in four colors, them being blue, red, white, and the traditional modern black. For those who want to purchase the device in either blue or red, they are placed at a higher price point.

To turn the scooter on, you will have to press a button on its back. It will make a beeping sound when the device has successfully turned on. There are two status lights located on the top. The light will indicate that the scooter is on DAT (which doesn’t say what it means for some unknown reason). As for the other light, it will indicate the battery status of the device. When the light remains green, it will last about half-a-mile of travel. After which, the battery light will turn red which means users have to charge it once more.

It is recommended to not drain the battery completely while you’re still riding it. When the MonoRover R2 Scooter has its battery drained to empty and a person is still standing on it, the device may shudder and will throw that individual off, which may result in injuries.

Many hoverboards are being recalled for safety concerns. Even though this model is not on the list (at the time of this update), you should do your due diligence in checking before purchasing any hoverboard.

Controls are also more sensitive than that of the Swagway X1. This makes the R2 a bit harder to get on and off. When you try and get on it, it will try to slip away before you even have your foot on it. It will also tend to accelerate rather quickly. Also, since it wants to accelerate quickly, users may find it a bit hard to turn on the brakes. This can lead to more bumping into walls more than the usual frequency.

But what really disappoints for the MonoRover R2 is the AC adapter lacks UL certification. This means that it looks more like an improvised explosive device and will make a horrible noise when it is plugged in. Even the plug design for the adapter looks confusing. So if you’re planning to give this as a gift for the holidays, consider other, safer options first.

Update, October 2016: We have now found the safest Hoverboard model available in 2016, it’s called Powerboard by Hoverboard. We’ve reviewed it too. Go here to read about it.


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