Swagway X1 Review – The Segway for the Masses

There are many who won’t take a liking to pronouncing the name of the Swagway X1. However, despite the company’s “hip” naming sense on this scooter, it is an affordable, zippy toy that will let individuals take a fun spin around the block, or even the neighborhood. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about breaking your neck while you’re at it.

Swagway X1 Review - The Segway for the Masses

The Swagway X1 is a Solid Scooter Built for Fun

The Swagway X1 has multiple control modes and is placed in a relatively more affordable price point than its competitors. It is also known as The Original Swagway, which is the company’s least expensive and most popular model. Like other smart-scooters out there, it weighs about 22-pounds and is 23-inches wide. It has two large rubbery tires, and the device is covered in a plastic housing which is available in one of seven colors.

While looking very “fun eccentric,” the plastic housing can get scratched pretty easily, even on normal use. This is especially true since you will be riding the scooter and it does have a tendency to roll away and bump into walls, furniture, and other things.

To turn the Swagway X1 Scooter on, you will have to press a button on its back. It will deliver a beeping sound to tell you that it has been turned on. Near the center, you will find two lights, one of which shows if the scooter is already turned on and the other will tell the battery status of the device. The battery sensors aren’t very sensitive as you would have hoped. It will almost always stay green for the most part (which means that it is charged), and it will only turn red when you have only about half a mile of battery life left.

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The X1’s foot pedals are not as extremely sensitive as the ones that you can see on the MonoRover R2. This does not mean that it is actually a bad thing, in fact, it is a good feature. Swagway calls this the “Learning Mode,” in which you will have a more stable footing when you get on or off the device. This is unlike the R2 wherein just lightly pressing your foot on the device will tend to make it go unceremoniously.

If you’re looking for a safe option when it comes to giving a scooter to your loved ones this holiday season, you might want to consider the Swagway X1. It is a quieter and safer model than the MonoRover R2, and not to mention that it has an AC charger that really works (in more ways than one).


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