Lumino City Review – Gives You the Answers to Problems

Rarely does a puzzle-based game tell you the answers to the challenge right off the bat, but Lumino City does this in a very elegant manner. State of Play Games, the small studio based in London that created this wonderful concept, has brought a new meaning to puzzlers. In this particular videogame, the guide is written by your Grandfather, who unsurprisingly mysteriously disappears at the very start of the game. He will vanish right after revealing to you that there is something of utmost importance that he should tell you. Therefore, you are then set out on a quest to find him while solving puzzles in this city.

Lumino City Review - Gives You the Answers to Problems

Lumino City Presents a New Meaning to a Puzzle Game

Lumino City also presents a visual style that is fairly unique than other puzzle games that you can find today. Instead of animating the 3D world in a standard fashion, the developer (State of Play), has decided to use real, physical objects from this world and placed it into the game. Therefore, this game is a product of cardboard cut outs being photographed from different angles, and then they pieced those photographs together to create a very unique environment.

Furthermore, if you’re playing this game on an iPad, using the Apple tablet’s Retina display will actually make the graphics really pop up right in front of you (so to speak). This game’s graphics are so real that the paper crafter world will appear with such depth that you can even interact with most of them in your path.

The level of detail, plus the magnificent gameplay, will certainly earn the right for any who are fans of puzzle games to get up and download Lumino City (PC and iOS) right off the bat. Each scenario carefully details the level of care and attention to every speck and material found on the game’s would-be miniature realm.

Puzzles can be solved by yourself, but in case that you get stuck in a particular step, you can consult what your Grandfather left behind. This item is a massive manual that you can manually flip through to assist in cracking the code that’s right in front of you.

What makes Lumino City worth the download, despite having the answers to puzzles already at your disposal, is its amazing attention to detail. Add that to its very unique style of graphics and you will always marvel at this game no matter how many times you play through it.


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