Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Gameplay Revealed

Just recently, EA has revealed two gameplay videos, along with other details, pertaining to the upcoming title Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. This is the “reboot” to the very popular Mirror’s Edge title. Said videos specifically focus on the combat and movement for the new game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Gameplay Revealed

Newly Released Videos for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Shows Movement and Combat

With regards to movement, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst presents free-running within the first video. This is very familiar to fans of the original title but there are now some new free-running moves. For instance, there’s “Shift,” wherein the move provides a quick burst of acceleration towards any direction. There’s also another move called “Quickturn,” in which it lets you do a rapid 180-degree or 90-degree turn just in case of emergencies, or a quick change of plans.

In addition to these two moves, the Mirror’s Edge website provides information about momentum specific moves. For example, there are details about “zipping down wire lines” along with scaling pipes to traverse walls both horizontally and vertically. The best part about the aforementioned move is that you can do it on any wall. Nevertheless, these are still moves that are all too familiar to players of the original game but are very nice features to anyone who is new to the title.

Faith, the main character of the game, also has new gadgets to assist her in completing missions. One such gadget is the Mag Rope, which will allow her to latch onto specific points around the Mirror’s Edge world. This will provide a “unique traversal and interaction opportunities.” There’s also the Dirsuptor in which, as the name of the device sounds, will let Faith’s glove disrupt and destroy AI systems and KrugerSec.

For the second video, it focuses more on combat for the game. Those who are familiar or who played the original title will find a very definite change. In the original title, combat can easily be avoidable and it is far from the main focus of the previous game. This time around, it would seem that combat has been intensified. There are moments wherein Faith will be outnumbered by opponents that her skills with free-running won’t do much good to let her escape. However, said skills can assist her in taking more of her opponents down. It should also be noted that playstyle is still melee-based even though it is an FPS, which still separates it from a ton of first-person-shooter games that heavily rely on guns, ammo, and firepower.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will let Faith’s attacks chain to provide light and heavy punches to enemies. Overall, with the release of these two videos, the game looks very promising. Fans have already been eagerly awaiting for its release ever since its announcement at E3 2015.


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