Beyond Good and Evil – 2nd Installment to be Released is a Nintendo NX Exclusive?

Since it has been revealed as a trailer back in May of 2008, the second installment to the original Beyond Good and Evil title has been an anticipated videogame. However, since said reveal, there has been no news nor has it graced another appearance since its announcement. Therefore, gamers everywhere are left with rumors and even possibly false hopes as to the game’s release. A new rumor claims that Nintendo has a struck a deal with the game’s developer, Ubisoft, to make the sequel as a Nintendo NX console exclusive.

Beyond Good and Evil – 2nd Installment to be Released is a Nintendo NX Exclusive?

Could Beyond Good and Evil 2 be a Nintendo NX Exclusive?

As per Destructoid, Nintendo is already funding the development for the next iteration for the Beyond Good and Evil game. To put further basis on said claim, there are a couple of sources that the deal happened between Nintendo and Ubisoft. This is in with regards to said videogame.

The working title for the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2 videogame is allegedly Beyond Good and Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers. This title is apparently acquired from the Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Due to this rumor, along with more sources to back the claims, this deal will create more opportunities with Ubisoft for Nintendo. For one, many gamers around the globe have been waiting for years for another glimpse of the game. If the rumors are true, then fans of the original title will be ready and waiting to set aside a portion of their budget to purchase the game if and when the release date gets announced.

Another advantage if this deal is real is that Nintendo could increase sales for their upcoming console. Making the game an NX exclusive as it will then further breed more anticipated games that are not readily available for other consoles.

With regards to Nintendo’s other consoles, more specifically speaking the Wii U, it has been abandoned by third-party developers as it was garnered with poor sales. It was also revealed that Nintendo has been giving development kits to other large names in the gaming industry, such as that of Electronic Arts (EA).

The Nintendo NX is the company’s next-generation console and if the next installment to the Beyond Good and Evil game will indeed be released in said console, then it can prove to be a win-win situation for both Nintendo and for fans of the title.


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